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Personnel :

Director : Ciptasari Prabawanti, PhD
Operation & HR Director : Puji Suryantini, BA in Economics
Finance and Adm. Team : Dhea Parahita – Finance Officer
Fenny Tuapattinaja – Admin Assistant
Victoria Nirla Hastari – Finance and Admin Assistant Expertises*


Dimas Budiwicaksono, BA in Public Health (Bio Statistic)
Riza Aritara, Msc in Mathematics & Statistics

Strategic and Program Development

Henri Puteranto, MSc in Social Development
Dhayan Dirgantara, BA in Civil Engeneering

Capacity Development

Erlian Rista Aditya, Magister in Health Promotion
Ken Wijayanti, BA in Social Sciences
Febryanti Putri Khatulistiwa, BA in Law

Media and Creative Production

 Arifinn Fitrianto, BA in Art
Tantri Swastika, BA in Social Sciences

To support the operation of project, Siklus create linkages, networks and establish strategic partnership with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in some provinces including: East Java, Central Java, Jakarta, North Sumatra, Yogyakarta, and Bali. The strategic partners in those respective sites are:

1. Suar Foundation, Kediri, East Java.
2. Paramitra Foundation, Malang, East Java.
3. Kalandara, Semarang, Central Java.
4. Vesta Foundation, Yogyakarta.
5. Gema Indonesia, DKI Jakarta.
6. Galatea, Medan, North Sumatra.
7. Citra Usadha Foundation, Bali.

Ciptasari Prabawanti is an NGO professional with twenty years experience managing and implementating donor-funded reproductive health, family planning and HIV/AIDS programs. Her expertise is especially in behavior change interventions/communication and the prevention of sexual transmission aspects among key affected populations included FSW, TG, MSM and the clients of sex workers. She provided techniacal leadership and technical assistance, worked in close partnership providing capacity building and managing collaboration with both goverment ad starategic partners, including to the local NGOs in indonesia in order to reach the key affected population. She also has extensive experience in program design, quantitative reserach, program evaluation, training and facilitation. Ciptasari Holds a Master of Science in Helath Psychology from Leiden Unioversity and a Doctoral in Social Psychology from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. her doctoral study focuses on sexual behaviors, condom use and HIV-related health seeking behaviors among TG and the client of TG sex workers in Jakarta.

Ciptasari Prabawanti

Henri Purtanto is an NGO Professional with seventeen years experience managing and implementing donor-funded reproductive health,
family planning and HIV/AIDS related isses. His expertise is in behavior change intervention/communication and the prevention, care, support and treatment aspect especially focus on an institutional capacity bilding. He shows extensive experiences in designing and managing HIV prevention, care, support and treatment program specially targeted to high risk men, e.g., military men (TNI) adn inmates in the prison system in indonesia. However, at the beginning of and along his career he had experienced managing progmram among other key affected populations (FSW, MSM, street children , and female migrant workers). He also has extensive experience in qualitative research, program evavluation, training and facilitation. Henri holds Bachelor of Art in Sociology from Faculty of Social and Political Science, Gadjah mada University and by completing a master thesis entitled “Strategi pengorganisasian LKNU dalam pengelolaan program HIV: Studi Kasus program Global Funds AIDS”, he received a MAster of Science in Social Development from University of Indonesia.

Henri Purtanto

Erlian is an NGO Professional with seventeen years experience managing and implementing donor-funded reproductive health, family planning and HIV/AIDS related issues with focus on Behavior Change Intervention (BCI)/Behavior Change Communication (BCC). His Major strength is on capacity building spanning from curriculum and module development, manual/guideline deevelopment, implementation of training and facilitation. As a Master Trainer, he had had experiences conducting BCI/BCC at national, provincial and district level. One of his monumental experiences was a lead trainer in a national BCI/BCC for more than 100 NGOs. For the past nine years, he has provided technical assistance and training to NGOs/CBOs and government sectors as well as private sectors in develoing STI/HIV-infrection prevention strategy and intervention. Other his area of expertise includes the following: project/program planning, outreach & peer education, BCC materials development and use of technology for intervention (e.g. internet, hotline, SMS, cyberspace outreach). Erlian holds Bahelor of Art in Sociology from Faculty of Social amd Political Science, Gadjah Mada University and a Master in Health Promotion from University of INdonesia by Completing a master thesis entitled “Consistend condom use behavior for HIV prevention: A qualitative study among massage-parlor based male sex workers in Jakarta”.

Erlian Rista Aditya

Dimas Budi is an NGO PRofessional with 9 years experienced in HIV and Tuberculosis issues. his expertyise especially in quantitative research, program evaluation, related monitoring and evaluation training and facilitation. He bringsexperience in integrated Biological and Behavior Survey (IBBS), sentinel surveillance and data analysis. He provided techinal leadership and technical assistance, having close partnership and managing collaboration with both government particulary Misnistry of Health (MOH) RI and strategic pratners,included the local NGOs in Indonesia. Prior to joining Siklus, Dimas worked for PHI 360 as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer/surveillance, and previously in the Ministry of Helath under the Global Funds as Senior Planner and Data Analyst. He was Lecture Assistant at the University of Indonesia (UI) for topics on Multi Variabke Analysis and Introduction on Data Analysis; and was also a Lecturer at the University of Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) for topics on Biostatistics and Research Methodology. Dimas holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health From University of Indonesia.

Dimas Budi Wicaksono

Puji Suryantini has provided more than 25 years experiences in management, programming, finacce, administration, logistic, puchasing, marketng, maintenance, and human resources at International and multinatonal companies as well as International NGO. In the last 10 years she had experiences working in issues of health and develoment, especially in HIV and AIDS as a program manager, a social marketing officeer and provided technical leadership and technical assistance, wroked in close partnership providing capcaity building and managing collaboration with both government and strategic pratners, She has been experienced and recognized also in managing numerous trainings and wotkshop and as trainer/faclitator as well as involving in several module develpments. Tini holds Bachelor Degree in Management from STIE Ipwija, Jakrata, Indonesia.

Puji Suryantini

By holding Bahelor of Art From Indonesian Institute of the Art in YOgyakarta, Mr. Arifin, in the las nineteen years has shaped his expertise as a Media Development Specialist. Included his area of expertise is the following :
– Developing concept of communication and methods to generate appropriate communication media and communication goals.
– Planning and executing a campaign (e.g., for event and commercial)
– Determining communication and creative strategies.
– Controlling the process of media development, started from designing a concept to the execution by using a graphic design software.
– Advance skill in hand drawing illustration techniques by using various media (i.e., wet and dry techniques) and a variety of style both realist and cartoon. Besides, he is Mastered in a vector illustration techniques by using computers digital.
– Mastering audio-visual production techniques for steraming movie, media communication.

Arifin Fitrianto

Ken Wijayanti has spent 10 years working in community develpment mostly funded by USAID. She started her career as an administrative assistant, an administrative and procurement assistant, a program assistant, and a junior program office. She has experienced to manage program administration, office logistics, making contracts for partners as well as maintain and monitor the contracts. During this perioid of time, she also had extensive experiences to manage massive workshop and taining, included assisted the planning of logistics and financial budget for the training/workshop/meeting. Ken holds Bachelors Degree from Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia, Majoring Anthropology.

Ken Wijayanti
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